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We have brought back a new iteration of one of our very first coffees: the ever-popular Guji. This is a community-farmed coffee from the motherland of Arabica, southern Ethiopia.

Guji is a micro-region with rich red-and-purple soil, lush vegetation, and an indigenous practice of coffee cultivation that goes back centuries. Our washed Guji coffee comes from the Sasaba washing station of Tsegay Hagos Tesfaye, and represents beans from 500 different smallholder farmers in the community.

This is super-specialty coffee of a very refined type. We roast it light to preserve the fresh acidity, and so the complex herbal and fruit aromas shine through. Fantastic as a drip coffee, or as a bright and eye-opening espresso.


Fresh and delicate, with bright acidity, citrus flavors, and a unique herbal aroma

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia

Process: Washed

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